Places and People 

This area contains photos from a variety of countries and is intended to give a flavour of that country and its people, in an inevitably limited capacity. The main sections are the continents, followed by sub-sections for individual countries. 
In three cases, France, Italy and the UK, there are further sub-sections within these which give an indication of the places most frequently visited in recent years e.g. Burgundy; Lake District. 
One of the aims of this area has been to look at ordinary scenes as they occur, without any staging taking place, but this was not always possible where it was necessary to obtain permission for the images to be taken. Some of the images have a political stance in that they highlight poverty or working conditions, for women in particular. 
To enlarge a thumbnail left click on an image when the pointed finger appears (or double-tap on Touchscreen). This will also access a slideshow and further information in some instances. 
More Information 
Africa and Asia contains images of Dubai, Egypt, India, Morocco, Singapore, Tanzania, The Gambia and Turkey. 
The Americas contains images of Cuba and the States of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada and Utah. 
Europe has images of Austria, Belgium, The Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Slovenia, Spain and the UK. 
Images are generally organised alphabetically by location. All images are my own. 
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