This area is split into five main sections:  
Hoofed animals, which is sub-sectioned into Antelope, Deer and Others;  
Others, such as Elephants and Aquatic Mammals. 
Common names are used with Family Name (Genus) taking precedent e.g. Indian Elephant would be listed under Elephant not Indian; this is followed by the Scientific name. The Carnivores section is sub-divided into three: Africa, Europe and India, in that order. 
An Index to the Mammals of each country appears near the top of that country's main page in Places. 
To enlarge a thumbnail left click on an image when the pointed finger appears (or double-tap on Touchscreen). This will also access a slideshow and further information, mainly location. 
More Information 
Reference books include: 
Field Guide to the Mammals of Australia - Menkhorst and Knight 
Indian Mammals – Menon 
Wildlife of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda – Hosking and Withers 
All images are my own. 
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