Flies & Hoverflies 

These sub-sections are organised alphabetically by scientific name, then the common name, where there is one. Details of location may also be included, although this might be quite general. Many can be found in the simplest of gardens. 
To enlarge a thumbnail left click on an image when the pointed finger appears (or double-tap on Touchscreen). This also gives access to a slideshow where there may be further information. 
Care should be taken if searching for any orange/yellow and black banded insect as many flies, bees and wasps share this basic pattern. 
More Information 
The reference books I have found most useful for Beetles are: 
Guide to Insects of Britain and Ireland – Brock 
Insects of Britain and Western Europe – Chinery 
Useful websites include: 
http://www.naturespot.org.uk/ Leics/Rutland based 
www.tuin.thijs.com Random photos of European insects 
Sociedad Andaluza de Entomologia Facebook page for Spain 
Insects of Britain and Northern Europe Facebook  
All images are my own. Unless stated otherwise, these images were taken in Northamptonshire. 
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