The photos in this area are split into eight sections:  
Beetles, including Carrion, Chafers, Ladybirds, Longhorns, Weevils etc;  
Flies, including Hoverflies;  
Others such as bees, wasps and ants.  
Spiders even though they are not strictly insects. 
The eight secions are organised alphabetically by Scientific Name unless stated otherwise. To enlarge a thumbnail left click on an image when the pointed finger appears (or double-tap on Touchscreen). This will also access a slideshow and further information in some instances. The majority of images in each section - other than Butterflies - are from Northamptonshire. 
An Index to the Insects of each country appears near the top of that country's main page in Places. 
More Information 
The reference books I have found most useful for Insects are: 
Britain’s Hoverflies – Ball and Morris 
Britain's Spiders - Bee, Oxford and Smith (new in 2017) 
BWP Field Guide to Moths of Great Britain and Ireland – Waring et al 
BWP Field Guide to Micro-moths of Great Britain and Ireland – Sterling et al 
Collins Butterfly Guide – Tolman and Lewington 
Dragonflies of Britain and Europe – Dijkstra and Lewington 
Guide to Insects of Britain and Ireland – Brock 
Insects of Britain and Western Europe – Chinery 
The FSC produce a number of very helpful, weatherproof guides. Those I have used are: Bees of Britain; Butterflies of Britain; Caterpillars of the Butterflies of Britain; Dragonflies and Damselflies of Britain; British Grasshoppers, and Shieldbugs of the British Isles. 
Useful websites include: Leics/Rutland based French moths Moths and Butterflies of Europe/North Africa Random photos of European insects Detailed site Insects from The Gambia Moths of Africa Europe and The Gambia European photographic guide 
All images are my own. 
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