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Vireo, White-eyed 
Vireo, White-eyed - Vireo griseus - Cuba
Vireo griseus 
Vulture, Cinerous 
Vulture, Cinerous - Aegypius monachus - India
Aegypius monachus 
Vulture, Egyptian 
Vulture, Egyptian - Neophron percnopterus - India
Neophron percnopterus 
Vulture, Eurasian Griffon 
Vulture, Griffon - Gyps fulvus - Tanzania
Gyps fulvus 
Vulture, Hooded 
Vulture, Hooded - Necrosyrtes monachus  - The Gambia
Necrosyrtes monachus 
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Vulture, Indian 
Vulture, Indian - Gyps indicus - India
Gyps indicus 
Vulture, Lappet-faced 
Vulture, Lappet- faced - Torgos tracheliotos - Tanzania
Torgos tracheliotos 
Vulture, Palm-nut 
Vulture, Palm-nut - Gypohierax angolensis - The Gambia
Gypohierax angolensis 
Vulture, Red-headed 
Vulture, Red-headed - Sarcogyps calvus - India
Sarcogyps calvus 
Vulture, Turkey 
Vulture, Turkey - Cathartes aura - Cuba
Cathartes aura 
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Vulture, White-backed 
Vulture, White-backed - Gyps africanus - Tanzania
Gyps africanus 
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Wagtail, African Pied 
Wagtail, African Pied - Motacilla aguimp - Tanzania
Motacilla aguimp 
Wagtail, Grey 
Wagtail, Grey - Motacille cinerea - Morocco
Motacilla cinerea 
Wagtail, Pied 
Wagtail, Pied - Motacilla alba yarrellii - Northants, UK
Motacilla alba yarrellii 
Wagtail, White 
Wagtail, White - Motacilla alba - Slovenia
Motacilla alba 
Wagtail, White-browed 
Wagtail, White-browed - Motacilla maderaspatensis - India
Motacilla maderaspatensis 
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Wagtail, Willie 
Wagtail, Willie - Rhipidura leucophrys - Port Fairy, VIC, Australia
Rhipidura leucophrys 
Wagtail, Blue-headed Eastern Yellow 
Wagtail, Blue-headed Eastern Yellow - Motacilla tschutschensis - Sedgford, Norfolk, UK - Dec 2019 (1st winter Male) 2
Motacilla tschutschensis 
Wagtail, Western Yellow 
Wagtail, Yellow - Motacilla flava - Pitsford Reservoir, Northants, UK
Motacilla flava 
Wallcreeper - Tichodroma muraria - India
Tichodroma muraria 
Warbler, Australian Reed 
Warbler, Australian Reed - Acrocephalus australis - East Gippsland, VIC, Australia
Acrocephalus australis 
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Warbler, Barred 
Warbler, Barred - Sylvia nisoria - Hungary
Sylvia nisoria 
Warbler, Black and White 
Warbler, Black and White - Mniotilta varia - Cuba
Mniotilta varia 
Warbler, Black-throated Blue 
Warbler, Black-throated Blue - Dendroica caerulescens - Cuba
Dendroica caerulescens 
Warbler, Black-throated Green 
Warbler, Black-throated Green - Dendroica virens - Cuba
Dendroica virens 
Warbler, Cetti's 
Warbler, Cetti's - Cettia cetti - RSPB Lakenheath, Suffolk, UK - April 2019 4
Cettia cetti 
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Warbler, Dark-capped Yellow 
Warbler, Dark-capped Yellow - Iduna natalensis - Tanzania
Iduna natalensis 
Warbler, Eastern Orphean 
Warbler, Eastern Orphean - Sylvia crassirostris - Lesvos, Greece
Sylvia crassirostris 
Warbler, Garden 
Warbler, Garden - Sylvia borin - Pitsford, Northants, UK - April 2020-2
Sylvia borin 
Warbler, Grasshopper 
Warbler, Grasshopper - Locustella naevia - Cambs, UK
Locustella naevia 
Warbler, Great Reed 
Warbler, Great Reed - Acrocephalus arundinaceus - Hungary
Acrocephalus arundinaceus 
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Warbler, Greenish 
Warbler, Greenish  - Phylloscopus trochiloides - India
Phylloscopus trochiloides  
Warbler, Isabelline 
Warbler, Isabelline's - Iduna opaca - Morocco
Iduna opaca 
Warbler, Lemon-rumped 
Warbler, Lemon-rumped - Phylloscopus chloronotus  - India
Phylloscopus chloronotus 
Warbler, Melodious 
Warbler, Melodious - Hippolais polyglotta - Las Alpujarras, Spain
Hippolais polyglotta 
Warbler, Olivaceous 
Warbler, Olivaceous - Iduna pallida - Lesvos, Greece
Iduna pallida 
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Warbler, Palm 
Warbler, Palm - Dendroica palmarum - Cuba
Dendroica palmarum 
Warbler, Prairie 
Warbler, Prairie - Dendroica discolor - Cuba
Dendroica discolor 
Warbler, Reed 
Warbler, Reed - Acrocephalus scirpaceus - Pitsford, Northants, UK - May 2020-7
Acrocephalus scirpaceus 
Warbler, River 
Warbler, River - Locustella fluviatilis - Hungary
Locustella fluviatilis 
Warbler, Ruppell's 
Warbler, Ruppell's - Sylvia rueppelli - Lesvos, Greece
Sylvia rueppelli 
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Warbler, Sardinian 
Warbler, Sardinian - Sylvia melanocephela - Lesvos, Greece
Sylvia melanocephela 
Warbler, Savi's 
Warbler, Savi's - Locustella luscinioides - Hungary
Locustella luscinioides 
Warbler, Sedge 
Warbler, Sedge - Acrocephalus schoenobaenus - Cambs, UK
Acrocephalus schoenobaenus 
Warbler, Spectacled 
Warbler, Spectacled - Sylvia conspicillata - Norfolk, UK
Sylvia conspicillata 
Warbler, Subalpine 
Warbler, Subalpine - Sylvia cantillans - Lesvos, Greece
Sylvia cantillans 
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Warbler, Western Bonelli's 
Warbler, Western Bonelli's - Phylloscopus bonelli - Morocco
Phylloscopus bonelli 
Warbler, Whistler's 
Warbler, Whistler's - Seicercus whistleri - India
Seicercus whistleri 
Warbler, Willow 
Warbler, Willow - Phylloscopus trochilus - Summerleys, Northants, UK
Phylloscopus trochilus 
Warbler, Yellow 
Warbler, Yellow - Dendroica petechia - Cuba
Dendroica petechia 
Warbler, Yellow-headed 
Warbler, Yellow-headed - Teretristis fernandinae - Cuba
Teretristis fernandinae 
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Warbler, Yellow-throated 
Warbler, Yellow-throated - Dendroica dominica - Cuba
Dendroica dominica 
Waterhen, White-breasted 
Waterhen, White-breasted - Amaurornis phoenicurus - India
Amaurornis phoenicurus 
Waterthrush, Louisiana 
Waterthrush, Louisiana - Seiurus motacilla - Cuba
Seiurus motacilla 
Waterthrush, Northern 
Waterthrush, Northern - Seiurus noveboracencis - Cuba
Seiurus noveboracencis 
Wattlebird, Little 
Wattlebird, Little - Anthochaera chrysoptera - East Gippsland, VIC, Australia
Anthochaera chrysoptera 
w (top) 
Wattlebird, Red 
Wattlebird, Red - Anthochaera carunculata - Kangaroo Island, SA, Australia
Anthochaera carunculata 
Wattlebird, Yellow 
Wattlebird, Yellow - Anthocaera paradoxa - Maria Island, TAS, Australia
Anthocaera paradoxa 
Waxbill, Black-rumped 
Waxbill, Black-rumped - Estrilda troglodytes  - The Gambia
Estrilda troglodytes 
Waxbill, Lavender 
Waxbill, Lavender - Estrilda caerulescens - The Gambia
Estrilda caerulescens 
Waxbill, Orange-cheeked 
Waxbill, Orange-cheeked - Estrilda melpoda - The Gambia
Estrilda melpoda 
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Waxwing, Bohemian 
Waxwing, Bohemian - Bombycilla garrulous - Northants, UK
Bombycilla garrulous 
Weaver, Baglafecht 
Weaver, Baglafecht - Ploceus baglafecht - Tanzania
Ploceus baglafecht 
Weaver, Black-necked 
Weaver, Black-necked  - Ploceus nigricollis - The Gambia - (Village Weaver above)
Ploceus nigricollis 
Weaver, Chestnut-crowned Sparrow 
Weaver, Chestnut-crowned Sparrow - Plocepasser superciliosus - The Gambia
Plocepasser superciliosus 
Weaver, Golden-backed 
Weaver, Golden-backed - Ploceus jacksoni - Tanzania
Ploceus jacksoni 
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Weaver, Little 
Weaver, Little - Ploceus luteolus - The Gambia
Ploceus luteolus 
Weaver, Rufous-tailed 
Weaver, Rufous-tailed - Histurgops ruficaudus - Tanzania
Histurgops ruficaudus 
Weaver, Taveta Golden 
Weaver, Taveta Golden - Ploceus castaneiceps - Tanzania
Ploceus castaneiceps 
Weaver, Village 
Weaver, Village - Ploceus cucullatus - The Gambia
Ploceus cucullatus 
Weaver, White-billed Buffalo 
Weaver, White-billed Buffalo - Bubalornis albirostris - The Gambia
Bubalornis albirostris 
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Wheatear, Black 
Wheatear, Black - Oenanthe leucura - Morocco
Oenanthe leucura 
Wheatear, Black-eared 
Wheatear, Black-eared - Oenanthe hispanica  - Lesvos, Greece
Oenanthe hispanica 
Wheatear, Desert 
Wheatear, Desert - Oenanthe deserti - India
Oenanthe deserti 
Wheatear, Isabelline 
Wheatear, Isabelline - Oenanthe isabellina  - Lesvos, Greece
Oenanthe isabellina 
Wheatear, Northern 
Wheatear, Northern - Oenanthe oenanthe - Murvey, Ireland
Oenanthe oenanthe 
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Whimbrel - Numenius phaeopus - Norfolk, UK
Numenius phaeopus 
Whimbrel, Hudsonian 
Whimbrel, Hudsonian - Numenius phaeopus hudsonicus - The Gambia
Numenius phaeopus hudsonicus 
Whinchat - Saxicola rubetra - Lesvos, Greece
Saxicola rubetra 
Whistler, Australian Golden 
Whistler, Australian Golden - Pachycephala pectoralis - East Gippsland, VIC, Australia
Pachycephala pectoralis 
Whistler, Olive 
Whistler, Olive - Pachycephala olivacea - Corinna, TAS, Australia
Pachycephala olivacea 
w (top) 
Whistler, Rufous 
Whistler, Rufous - Pachycephala rufiventris - East Gippsland, VIC, Australia
Pachycephala rufiventris 
White-eye, African Yellow 
White-eye, African Yellow - Zosterops senegalensis - The Gambia
Zosterops senegalensis 
White-eye, Oriental 
White-eye, Oriental - Zosterops palpebrosus - India
Zosterops palpebrosus 
Whitethroat, Common 
Whitethroat, Common - Sylvia communis - Loire Valley, France
Sylvia communis 
Whitethroat, Lesser 
Whitethroat, Lesser - Sylvia curruca - Lesvos, Greece
Sylvia curruca 
w (top) 
Whydah, Pin-tailed 
Whydah, Pin-tailed - Vidua macroura - The Gambia
Vidua macroura 
Wigeon - Anas penelope - Pitsford Reservoir, Northants, UK
Anas penelope 
Wood-hoopoe, Green 
Wood-hoopoe, Green - Phoeniculus purpureus - The Gambia
Phoeniculus purpureus 
Woodlark - Lullula arborea - Las Alpujarras, Spain - Sept 2019 3
Lullula arborea 
Woodpecker, Cuban Green 
Woodpecker, Cuban Green - Xiphidiopicus percussus  - Cuba
Xiphidiopicus percussus 
w (top) 
Woodpecker, Fine-spotted 
Woodpecker, Fine-spotted - Campethera punctuligera - The Gambia
Campethera punctuligera 
Woodpecker, Fulveous-breasted 
Woodpecker, Fulveous-breasted - Dendrocopos macei - India
Dendrocopos macei 
Woodpecker, Great Spotted 
Woodpecker, Great Spotted -Dendrocopos major - Morocco
Dendrocopus major 
Woodpecker, Green 
Woodpecker, Green - Picus viridis - Walgrave, Northants, UK
Picus viridis 
Woodpecker, Grey 
Woodpecker, Grey - Dendropicos goertae - The Gambia
Dendropicos goertae 
w (top) 
Woodpecker, Grey-capped Pygmy 
Woodpecker, Grey-capped Pygmy - Dendrocopos canicapillus - India
Dendrocopos canicapillus 
Woodpecker, Grey-headed 
Woodpecker, Grey-headed - Picus canus - Bavarian Forest, Lusen
Picus canus 
Woodpecker, Laced 
Woodpecker, Laced - Picus vittatus - Singapore
Picus vittatus 
Woodpecker, Lesser Spotted 
Woodpecker, Lesser Spotted - Dendrocopus minor - Northants, UK
Dendrocopus minor 
Woodpecker, Levaillant's Green 
Woodpecker, Levaillant's Green - Picus vaillanti - Morocco
Picus vaillantii 
w (top) 
Woodpecker, Middle Spotted 
Woodpecker, Middle spotted - Dendrocopus medius - France
Dendrocopus medius 
Woodpecker, Nubian 
Woodpecker, Nubian - Campethera nubica  - Tanzania
Campethera nubica 
Woodpecker, Streak-throated 
Woodpecker, Streak-throated - Picus xanthopygaeus - India
Picus xanthopygaeus 
Woodpecker, Syrian 
Woodpecker, Syrian - Dendropocus syriacus - Hungary
Dendropocus syriacus 
Woodpecker, Three-toed 
Woodpecker, Three-toed - Picoides tridactylus - Norway
Picoides tridactylus 
w (top) 
Woodpecker, West Indian 
Woodpecker, West Indian - Melanerpes superciliaris - Cuba
Melanerpes superciliaris 
Woodpecker, White-naped 
Woodpecker, White-naped - Chrysocolaptes festivus - India
Chrysocolaptes festivus 
Woodshrike, Common 
Woodshrike, Common - Tephrodornis pondicerianus - India
Tephrodornis pondicerianus 
Woodswallow, Dusky 
Woodswallow, Dusky - Artamus cyanopterus - Kangaroo Island, SA, Australia
Artamus cyanopterus 
Woodswallow, White-breasted 
Woodswallow, White-breasted - Artamus leucorhyncos - Darwin, NT, Australia
Artamus leucorhyncos 
w (top) 
Wren, Winter 
Wren - Troglodytes troglodytes - Rutland Water, Leics, UK
Troglodytes troglodytes 
Y (top) 
Wryneck, Eurasian 
Wryneck, Eurasian - Jynx torquilla - Hungary
Jynx torquilla 
Yellowhammer - Emberiza citrinella - Eye Brook Reservoir, Leics, UK
Emberiza citrinella 
Yellowlegs, Greater 
Yellowlegs, Greater - Tringa melanoleuca - Cuba
Tringa melanoleuca 
Yellownape, Lesser 
Yellownape, Lesser - Picus chlorolophus - India
Picus chlorolophus 
Yellowthroat, Common 
Yellowthroat, Common - Geothlypis trichas - Cuba
Geothlypis trichas 
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