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Quail, Jungle Bush 
Quail, Jungle Bush - Perdicula asiatica - India
Perdicula asiatica 
Quail-dove, Blue-headed 
Quail-dove, Blue-headed - Starnoenas cyanocephala - Cuba
Starnoenas cyanocephala 
Quail-dove, Gray-headed 
Quail-dove, Gray-headed - Geotrygon caniceps  - Cuba
Geotrygon caniceps 
Quelea, Red-billed 
Quelea, Red-billed - Quelea erythrops - Tanzania
Quelea erythrops 
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Rail, Water 
Rail, Water - Rallus aquaticus - Norfolk, UK
Rallus aquaticus 
Raven, Australian 
Raven, Australian - Corvus coronoides - Barossa Valley, SA, Australia
Corvus coronoides 
Raven, Common 
Raven - Corvus corax - Lake District, UK
Corvus corax 
Raven, Forest 
Raven, Forest - Corvus tasmanicus - Maria Island, TAS, Australia
Corvus tasmanicus 
Raven, Little 
Raven, Little - Corvus mellori - Port Fairy, VIC, Australia
Corvus mellori 
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Razorbill - Alca torda - St. Bees, Cumbria UK
Alca torda 
Redpoll, Arctic 
Redpoll, Arctic - Carduelis hornemanni  - Connemara, Ireland
Carduelis hornemanni 
Redpoll, Common 
Redpoll, Common - Carduelis flammea  - Norway
Carduelis flammea 
Redpoll, Lesser 
Redpoll - Carduelis flammea cabaret  - Northants, UK
Carduelis flammea cabaret 
Redshank, Common 
Redshank - Tringa totanus - Lincs, UK
Tringa totanus 
r (top) 
Redshank, Spotted 
Redshank, Spotted - Tringa erythropus - Norfolk, UK
Tringa erythropus 
Redstart, American 
Redstart, American - Setophaga ruticilla - Cuba
Setophaga ruticilla 
Redstart, Black 
Redstart, Black - Phoenicurus ochruros - Loire Valley, France
Phoenicurus ochruros 
Redstart, Common 
Redstart - Phoenicurus phoenicurus - Lake Bohinj, Slovenia
Phoenicurus phoenicurus 
Redstart, Moussier's 
Redstart, Moussier's - Phoenicurus moussieri - Morocco
Phoenicurus moussieri 
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Redstart, Plumbeous Water 
Redstart, Plumbeous Water  - Rhyacornis fuliginosa - India
Rhyacornis fuliginosa 
Redstart, White-capped Water 
Redstart, White-capped Water - Chaimarronis leucocephalus - India
Chaimarronis leucocephalus 
Redwing - Turdus iliacus - Northants, UK
Turdus iliacus 
Reedling, Bearded 
Reedling, Bearded - Panurus biarmicus - Norfolk, UK
Panurus biarmicus 
Robin, Dusky 
Robin, Dusky - Melanodryas vittata - Maria Island, TAS, Australia
Melanodryas vittata 
r (top) 
Robin, Eastern Yellow 
Robin, Eastern Yellow - Eopsaltria australis - East Gippsland, VIC, Australia
Eopsaltria australis 
Robin, European 
Robin - Erithacus rubecula - Northants, UK
Erithacus rubecula 
Robin, Flame 
Robin, Flame - Petroica phoenicea - Maria Island, TAS, Australia 1 (Male)
Petroica phoenicea 
Robin, Indian 
Robin, Indian - Saxicoloides fulicatus - India
Saxicoloides fulicatus 
Robin, Oriental Magpie 
Robin, Oriental Magpie - Copsychus saularis - India
Copsychus saularis 
r (top) 
Robin, Rose 
Robin, Rose - Petroica rosea - East Gippsland, VIC, Australia
Petroica rosea 
Robin, Rufous Bush 
Robin, Rufous Bush - Cercotrichas galactotes - Morocco
Cercotrichas galactotes 
Robin, Scarlet 
Robin, Scarlet - Petroica boodang - Kangaroo Island, SA, Australia
Petroica boodang 
Robin-chat, White-browed 
Robin-chat, White-browed - Cossypha heuglini - Tanzania
Cossypha heuglini 
Robin-chat, White-crowned 
Robin-chat, White-crowned - Cossypha albicapilla - The Gambia
Cossypha albicapilla 
r (top) 
Roller, Abyssinian 
Roller, Abyssinian - Coracias abyssinicus - The Gambia
Coracias abyssinicus 
Roller, Blue-bellied 
Roller, Blue-bellied - Coracias cyanogaster  - The Gambia
Coracias cyanogaster 
Roller, Broad-billed 
Roller, Braod-billed - Eurystomus glaucurus - The Gambia
Eurystomus glaucurus 
Roller, Indian 
Roller, Indian - Coracias benghalensis - India
Coracias benghalensis 
Roller, Lilac-breasted 
Roller, Lilac-breasted - Coracias caudatus - Tanzania
Coracias caudatus 
r (top) 
Roller, Rufous-crowned 
Roller, Rufous-crowned - Coracias naevius - The Gambia
Coracias naevius 
Rook - Corvus frugilegus - Rutland Water, Leics, UK 1
Corvus frugilegus 
Rosella, Crimson 
Rosella, Crimson - Platycercus elegans - East Gippsland, VIC, Australiaa
Platycercus elegans 
Rosella, Eastern 
Rosella, Eastern - Platycercus eximius - Adelaide, SA, Australia
Platycercus eximius 
Rosella, Green 
Rosella, Green - Platycercus caledonicus - Maria Island, TAS, Australia
Platycercus caledonicus 
r (top) 
Rosella, Northern 
Rosella, Northern - Platycercus venustus - Katherine, NT, Australia
Platycercus venustus 
Ruff - Philomachus pugnax - Norfolk, UK
Philomachus pugnax 
S (top) 
Sanderling - Calidris alba - Norfolk, UK
Calidris alba 
Sandgrouse, Painted 
Sandgrouse, Painted - Pterocles indicus - India
Pterocles indicus 
Sandpiper, Common 
Sandpiper, Common - Actitis hypoleucos - The Gambia
Actitis hypoleucos 
Sandpiper, Curlew 
Sandpiper, Curlew - Calidris ferruginea - Norfolk, UK
Calidris ferruginea 
Sandpiper, Green 
Sandpiper, Green - Tringa ochropus - Rutland Water, Leics, UK
Tringa ochropus 
s (top) 
Sandpiper, Marsh 
Sandpiper, Marsh - Tringa stagnatilis - India
Tringa stagnatilis 
Sandpiper, Pectoral 
Sandpiper, Pectoral - Calidris melanotos - Frampton, Lincs, UK 1
Calidris melanotos 
Sandpiper, Spotted 
Sandpiper, Spotted - Actitis macularius - Cuba
Actitis macularius 
Sandpiper, White-rumped 
Sandpiper, White-rumped - Calidris fuscicollis - Frampton, Lincs, UK 1
Calidris fuscicollis 
Sandpiper, Wood 
Sandpiper, Wood - Tringa glareola - India
Tringa glareola 
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Sapsucker, Yellow-bellied 
Sapsucker, Yellow-bellied - Sphyrapicus varius - Cuba
Sphyrapicus varius 
Scaup, Greater 
Scaup - Aythya marila - Pitsford Reservoir, Northants, UK
Aythya marila 
Scaup, Lesser 
Scaup, Lesser - Aythya affinis - Cuba
Aythya affinis 
Scoter, Common 
Scoter, Common - Melanitta nigra - Norfolk, UK
Melanitta nigra 
Scoter, Velvet 
Scoter, Velvet - Melanitta fusca - Eye Brook Reservoir, Leics, UK
Melanitta fusca 
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Scrub-robin, Rufous-tailed 
Scrub-Robin, Rufous-tailed - Luscinia sibilans - Lesvos, Greece
Luscinia sibilans 
Scrubfowl, Orange-footed 
Scrubfowl, Orange-footed - Megapodius reinwardt - Darwin, NT, Australia
Megapodius reinwardt 
Scrubwren, Tasmanian 
Scrubwren, Tasmanian - Sericornis humilis - Maria Island, TAS
Sericornis humilis 
Scrubwren, White-browed 
Scrubwren, White-browed -  Serricornis frontalis - East Gippsland, VIC, Australia
Sericornis frontalis 
Secretary Bird - Sagitarius serpentarius - Tanzania
Sagitarius serpentarius 
s (top) 
Seedeater, Streaky 
Seedeater, Streaky - Serinus striolatus - Tanzania
Serinus striolatus 
Serin - Serinus serinus - Serinus serinus - Morocco
Serinus serinus 
Shag, European 
Shag - Phalocrocorax aristotelis - Murvey, Ireland
Phalocrocorax aristotelis 
Shama, White-rumped 
Shama, White-rumped - Copsychus malabaricus - India
Copsychus malabaricus 
Shearwater, Cory's 
Shearwater, Cory's - Calonectris diomedea - Turkey
Calonectris diomedea 
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Shearwater, Yelkouan 
Shearwater, Yelkouan - Puffinus yelkouan - Lesvos, Greece
Puffinus yelkouan 
Shelduck, Australian 
Shelduck, Australian - Tadorna tadornoides - Trowunna, TAS, Australia
Tadorna tadornoides 
Shelduck, Common 
Shelduck - Tadorna tadorna - Pitsford Reservoir, Northants, UK
Tadorna tadorna 
Shelduck, Radjah 
Shelduck, Radjah - Tadorna radjah - Fogg Dam, NT, Australia
Tadorna radjah 
Shelduck, Ruddy 
Shelduck, Ruddy - Tadorna ferruginea - Pitsford Reservoir, Northants, UK
Tadorna ferruginea 
s (top) 
Shikra - Accipiter badius - The Gambia
Accipiter badius 
Shoveler, Northern 
Duck, Shoveler - Spatula clypeata - Rutland Water, Leics, UK
Spatula clypeata 
Shrike, Bay-backed 
Shrike, Bay-backed - Lanius vittatus - India
Lanius vittatus 
Shrike, Brown 
Shrike, Brown - Lanius cristatus - India
Lanius cristatus 
Shrike, Great Grey 
Shrike, Great Grey - Lanius excubitor - Northants, UK
Lanius excubitor 
s (top) 
Shrike, Lesser Grey 
Shrike, Lesser Grey - Lanius minor - Hungary
Lanius minor 
Shrike, Long-tailed 
Shrike, Long-tailed - Lanius schach - India
Lanius schach 
Shrike, Long-tailed Fiscal 
Shrike, Long-tailed Fiscal - Lanius cabanisi - Tanzania
Lanius cabanisi 
Shrike, Masked 
Shrike, Masked - Lanius nubicus - Lesvos, Greece
Lanius nubicus 
Shrike, Northern White-crowned 
Shrike, Northern White-crowned - Eurocephalus rueppelli - Tanzania
Eurocephalus rueppelli 
s (top) 
Shrike, Red-backed 
Shrike, Red-backed - Lanius collurio - Slovenia
Lanius collurio 
Shrike, Southern Grey 
Shrike, Southern Grey - Lanius meridionalis - India
Lanius meridionalis 
Shrike, Woodchat 
Shrike, Woodchat - Lanius senator - Morocco
Lanius senator 
Shrike, Yellow-billed 
Shrike, Yellow-billed - Corvinella corvina - The Gambia
Corvinella corvina  
Shrikethrush, Grey 
Shrikethrush, Grey - Colluricincla harmonnica - Corinna, TAS, Australia
Colluricincla harmonnica 
s (top) 
Shrikethrush, Little 
Shrikethrush, Little - Colluricincla megarhyncha - Litchfield, NT, Australia
Colluricincla megarhyncha 
Silvereye - Zosterops lateralis - East Gippsland, VIC, Australia
Zosterops lateralis 
Siskin, Eurasian 
Siskin - Carduelis spinus - Walgrave, Northants
Carduelis spinus 
Skimmer, Indian 
Skimmer, Indian - Rynchops albicollis - India
Rynchops albicollis 
Skylark, Common 
Skylark - Alauda arvensis - Lincs, UK
Alauda arvensis 
s (top) 
Skylark, Oriental 
Skylark, Oriental - Alauda gulgula - India
Alauda gulgula 
Smew - Mergellus arbellus - Pitsford Reservoir, Northants, UK
Mergellus arbellus 
Snipe, Common 
Snipe - Gallinago gallinago - Norfolk, UK
Gallinago gallinago 
Sparrow, House 
Sparrow, House - Passer domesticus - Morocco
Passer domesticus 
Sparrow, Northern Grey-headed 
Sparrow, Northern Grey-headed - Passer griseus - The Gambia
Passer griseus 
s (top) 
Sparrow, Spanish 
Sparrow, Spanish - Passer hispaniolensis - Morocco
Passer hispaniolensis 
Sparrow, Tree 
Sparrow, Tree - Passer montanus - Hungary
Passer montanus 
Sparrow, Zapata 
Sparrow, Zapata - Torreornis inexpectata varonai - Cuba
Torreornis inexpectata varonai 
Sparrowhawk, Collared 
Sparrowhawk, Collared - Accipiter cirrocephalus - Katherine, NT, Australia
Accipiter cirrocephalus 
Sparrowhawk, Eurasian 
Sparrowhawk - Accipiter nisus - Walgrave, Northants, UK
Accipiter nisus 
s (top) 
Spinebill, Eastern 
Spinebill, Eastern -  Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris - East Gippsland, VIC, Australia
Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris 
Spoonbill, African 
Spoonbill, African - Platalea alba - The Gambia
Platalea alba 
Spoonbill, European 
Spoonbill - Platalea leucorodia  - Hungary
Platalea leucorodia 
Spoonbill, Roseate 
Spoonbill, Roseate - Ajaia ajaja - Cuba
Ajaia ajaja 
Spoonbill, Royal 
Spoonbill, Royal - Platalea regia - Sale, VIC, Australia
Platalea regia 
s (top) 
Spoonbill, Yellow-billed 
Spoonbill, Yellow-billed - Platalea flavipes - East Gippsland, VIC, Australia
Platalea flavipes 
Starling, Ashy 
Starling, Ashy - Lamprotornis unicolor - Tanzania
Lamprotornis unicolor 
Starling, Asian Glossy 
Starling, Asian Glossy - Aplonis panayensis - Singapore
Aplonis panayensis 
Starling, Asian Pied 
Starling, Asian Pied - Gracupica contra - India
Gracupica contra 
Starlling, Brahminy 
Starling, Brahminy - Sturnia pagodarum - India
Sturnia pagodarum 
s (top) 
Starling, Common 
Starling - Sturnus vulgaris 1 - Walgrave, Northants UK
Sturnus vulgaris 
Starling, Long-tailed Glossy 
Starling, Long-tailed Glossy - Lamprotornis caudatus - The Gambia
Lamprotornis caudatus 
Starling, Purple Glossy 
Starling, Purple Glossy - Lamprotornis purpureus  - The Gambia
Lamprotornis purpureus 
Starling, Rosy 
Starling, Rosy - Pastor roseus - India
Pastor roseus 
Starling, Spotless 
Starling, Spotless - Sturnus unicolor - Morocco
Sturnus unicolor 
s (top) 
Starling, Superb 
Starling, Superb - Lamprotornis superbus - Tanzania
Lamprotornis superbus 
Starling, Wattled 
Starling, Wattled - Creatophora cinerea - Tanzania
Creatophora cinerea 
Stilt, Black-necked 
Stilt, Black-necked - Himantopus mexicanus - Cuba
Himantopus mexicanus 
Stilt, Black-winged 
Stilt, Black-winged - Himantopus himantopus - Lesvos, Greece
Himantopus himantopus 
Stilt, White-headed 
Stilt, White-headed - Himantopus leucocephalus - Kangaroo Island, SA, Australia
Himantopus leucocephalus 
s (top) 
Stint, Little 
Stint, Little - Calidris minuta - Lesvos, Greece
Calidris minuta 
Stint, Temminck's 
Stint, Temminck's - Calidris temminckii - Lesvos, Greece
Calidris temminckii 
Stonechat, Common 
Stonechat - Saxicola torquatus - Murvey, Ireland
Saxicola torquatus 
Stonechat, Siberian 
Stonechat, Siberian - Saxicola torquatus maurus - India
Saxicola torquatus maurus 
Stork, Black 
Stork, Black - Ciconia nigra - Lesvos, Greece
Ciconia nigra 
s (top) 
Stork, Black-necked 
Stork, Black-necked - Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus - India
Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus 
Stork, Painted 
Stork, Painted - Mycteria leucocephala - India
Mycteria leucocephala 
Stork, Saddle-billed 
Stork, Saddle-billed - Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis - Tanzania
Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis 
Stork, White 
Stork, White - Ciconia ciconia - Hungary
Ciconia ciconia 
Stork, Wood 
Stork, Wood - Mycteria americana - Cuba
Mycteria americana 
s (top) 
Stork, Woolly-necked 
Stork, Woolly-necked - Ciconia episcopus - India
Ciconia episcopus 
Stork, Yellow-billed 
Stork, Yellow-billed - Mycteria ibis - The Gambia
Mycteria ibis 
Sunbird, Beautiful 
Sunbird, Beautiful  - Cinnyris pulchellus - The Gambia
Cinnyris pulchellus 
Sunbird, Brown 
Sunbird, Brown - Anthreptes gabonicus - The Gambia
Anthreptes gabonicus 
Sunbird, Brown-throated 
Sunbird, Brown-throated - Antreptes malacensis - Singapore (male)
Antreptes malacensis 
s (top) 
Sunbird, Olive-backed 
Sunbird, Olive-backed - Nectarinia jugularis - Singapore
Nectarinia jugularis 
Sunbird, Purple 
Sunbird, Purple - Cinnyris asiaticus - India
Cinnyris asiaticus 
Sunbird, Splendid 
Sunbird, Splendid - Cinnyris coccinigastrus - The Gambia
Cinnyris coccinigastrus 
Sunbird, Variable 
Sunbird, Variable - Cinnyris venustus - The Gambia
Cinnyris venustus 
Swallow, Barn 
Swallow, Barn - Hirundo rustica - Hungary
Hirundo rustica 
s (top) 
Swallow, Red-rumped 
Swallow, Red-rumped - Cecropis daurica - Morocco
Cecropis daurica 
Swallow, Welcome 
Swallow, Welcome - Hirundo neoxena - East Gippsland, VIC, Australia
Hirundo neoxena 
Swallow, Wire-tailed 
Swallow, Wire-tailed - Hirundo smithii - The Gambia
Hirundo smithii 
Swamphen, Purple 
Swamphen, Purple - Porphyrio porphyrio - India
Porphyrio porphyrio 
Swan, Bewick 
Swan, Bewick's - Cygnus columbianus - Cambs, UK
Cygnus columbianus 
s (top) 
Swan, Black 
Swan, Black - Cygnys atratus - Northants, UK
Cygnys atratus 
Swan, Mute 
Swan, Mute - Cygnus olor - Pitsford Reservoir, Northants, UK
Cygnus olor 
Swan, Whooper 
Swan, Whooper - Cygnus cygnus - Cambs, UK
Cygnus cygnus 
Swift, Alpine 
Swift, Alpine - Apus melba - Turkey
Apus melba 
Swift, Common 
Swift - Apus apus - Morocco
Apus apus 
s (top) 
Swift, Little 
Swift, Little - Apus affinis - The Gambia
Apus affinis 
T (top) 
Tailorbird, Ashy 
Tailorbird, Ashy - Ortotomus ruficeps - Singapore
Orthotomus ruficeps 
Tailorbird, Common 
Tailorbird, Common - Orthotomus  sutorius - India
Orthotomus sutorius 
Tanager, Stripe-headed 
Tanager, Stripe-headed - Spindalis zena - Cuba
Spindalis zena 
Tchagra, Black-crowned 
Tchagra, Black-crowned - Tchagra senegalus  - Tanzania
Tchagra senegalus 
Teal, Blue-winged 
Teal, Blue-winged - Anas discors - Cuba
Anas discors 
t (top) 
Teal, Cape 
Teal, Cape - Anas capensis
Anas capensis 
Teal, Chestnut 
Teal, Chestnut - Anas castanea - Maria Island, TAS, Australia
Anas castanea 
Teal, Eurasian 
Teal - Anas creca - Norfolk, UK
Anas creca 
Teal, Green-winged 
Teal, Green-winged - Anas carolinensis - Rutland Water, Leics, UK
Anas carolinensis 
Teal, Grey 
Teal, Grey - Anas gracilis - Kangaroo Island, SA, Australia
Anas gracilis 
t (top) 
Tern, African Royal 
Tern, African Royal - Sterna maxima albididorsalis - The Gambia
Sterna maxima albididorsalis 
Tern, Arctic 
Tern, Arctic - Sterna paradisaea - Pitsford Reservoir, Northants, UK
Sterna paradisaea 
Tern, Black 
Tern, Black - Chlidonias niger - Hungary
Chlidonias niger 
Tern, Caspian 
Tern, Caspian - Hydroprogne caspia - The Gambia
Hydroprogne caspia 
Tern, Common 
Tern, Common - Sterna hirundo - Rutland Water, Leics, UK
Sterna hirundo 
t (top) 
Tern, Crested 
Tern, Crested - Thalasseus bergii - Glenelg, Adelaide, SA, Australia
Thalasseus bergii 
Tern, Forster's 
Tern, Forster's - Sterna forsteri  - Cuba
Sterna forsteri 
Tern, Gull-billed 
Tern, Gull-billed - Gelochelidon nilotica - Marais du Vigueirat, Camargue, France - May 2019 1
Gelochelidon nilotica 
Tern, Little 
Tern, Little - Sternula albifrons - Norfolk, UK
Sternula albifrons 
Tern, River 
Tern, River - Sterna aurantia - India
Sterna aurantia 
t (top) 
Tern, Royal 
Tern, Royal - Sterna maxima - Cuba
Sterna maxima 
Tern, Sandwich 
Tern, Sandwich - Sterna sandvicensis - Morocco
Sterna sandvicensis 
Tern, Whiskered 
Tern, Whiskered - Chlidonias hybrida - Lesvos, Greece
Chlidonias hybrida 
Tern, White-winged 
Tern, White-winged - Chlidonias leucoptera - Lesvos, Greece
Chlidonias leucoptera 
Thick-knee, Great 
Thick-knee, Great - Esacus recurvirostris - India
Esacus recurvirostris 
t (top) 
Thick-knee, Senegal 
Thick-knee, Senegal - Burhinus senegalensis - The Gambia
Burhinus senegalensis 
Thornbill, Brown 
Thornbill, Brown - Acanthiza pusilla - Maria Island, TAS, Australia
Acanthiza pusilla 
Thornbill, Striated 
Thornbill, Striated - Acanthiza lineata - Kangaroo Island, SA, Australia
Acanthiza lineata 
Thornbill, Tasmanian 
Thornbill, Tasmanian - Acanthiza ewingii - Maria Island, TAS
Acanthiza ewingii 
Thornbill, Yellow-rumped 
Thornbill, Yellow-rumped - Acanthiza chrysorrhoa - Maria Island, TAS, Australia
Acanthiza chrysorrhoa 
t (top) 
Thrush, African 
Thrush, African - Turdus pelios - The Gambia
Turdus pelios 
Thrush, Black-throated 
Thrush, Black-throated - Turdus atrogularis - India
Turdus atrogularis 
Thrush, Blue Rock 
Thrush, Blue Rock  - Monticola solitarius - India
Monticola solitarius 
Thrush, Blue Whistling 
Thrush, Blue Whistling - Myophonus caeruleus  - India
Myophonus caeruleus 
Thrush, Chestnut-bellied Rock 
Thrush, Chestnut-bellied Rock - Monticola rufiventris  - India
Monticola rufiventris 
t (top) 
Thrush, Mistle 
Thrush, Mistle - Northants, UK
Turdus viscivorus 
Thrush, Olive 
Thrush, Olive - Turdus olivaceus - Tanzania
Turdus olivaceus 
Thrush, Red-legged 
Thrush, Red-legged - Turdus plumbeus - Cuba
Turdus plumbeus 
Thrush, Song 
Thrush, Song - Turdus philomelos - Norfolk, UK
Turdus philomelos 
Tinkerbird, Yellow-fronted 
Tinkerbird, Yellow-fronted - Pogoniulus chrysoconus  - The Gambia
Pogoniulus chrysoconus 
t (top) 
Tit, African Blue 
Tit, African Blue - Cyanistes teneriffae - Morocco
Cyanistes teneriffae 
Tit, Black-lored 
Tit, Black-lored - Parus xanthogenys - India
Parus xanthogenys 
Tit, Blue 
Tit, Blue - Cyanistes caruleus - Summer Leys, Northants, UK - Jan 2020 1
Cyanistes caeruleus 
Tit, Coal 
Tit, Coal - Periparus ater - Walgrave, Northants, UK - Feb 2020
Periparus ater 
Tit, Great 
Tit, Great - Parus major - Walgrave, Northants, Walgrave - Mar 2020 -1
Parus major 
t (top) 
Tit, Long-tailed 
Tit, Long-tailed - Aegithalos caudatus - Northants, UK
Aegithalos caudatus 
Tit, Marsh 
Tit, Marsh - Poecile palustris - Slovenia
Poecile palustris 
Tit, Penduline 
Tit, Penduline - Remix pendulinus - Hungary
Remix pendulinus 
Tit, Sombre 
Tit, Sombre - Poecile lugubris - Lesvos, Greece
Poecile lugubris 
Tit, Willow 
Tit, Willow - Poecile montanus - Norway
Poecile montanus 
t (top) 
Tody, Cuban 
Tody, Cuban - Todus multicolor - Cuba
Todus multicolor 
Treecreeper, Black-tailed 
Treecreeper, Black-tailed - Climacteris melanurus - Mistake Billabong, Point Stuart, NT, Australia
Climacteris melanurus 
Treecreeper, Eurasian 
Treecreeper - Certhia familiaris - Lake District, UK
Certhia familiaris 
Treecreeper, Short-toed 
Treecreeper, Short-toed - Certhia brachydactyla - Pont du Gard, France - May 2019 2
Certhia brachydactyla 
Treecreeper, White-throated 
Treecreeper, White-throated - Cormobates leucophaea - East Gippsland, VIC, Australia
Cormobates leucophaea 
t (top) 
Treepie, Rufous 
Treepie, Rufous - Dendrocitta vagabunda - India
Dendrocitta vagabunda 
Triller, Varied 
Triller, Varied - Lalage leucomela - Darwin, NT, Australia
Lalage leucomela 
Triller, White-winged 
Triller, White-winged - Lalage tricolor - Pine Creek, NT, Australia
Lalage tricolor 
Trogon, Cuban 
Trogon, Cuban - Priotelus temnurus - Cuba
Priotelus temnurus 
Turnstone, Ruddy 
Turnstone - Arenaria interpres - Murvey, Ireland
Arenaria interpres 
t (top) 
Twite - Carduelis flavirostris  - Norfolk, UK
Carduelis flavirostris 
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