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M (top) 
Magpie, Common 
Magpie - Pica pica  - Walgrave, Northants, UK
Pica pica 
Magpie, Australian 
Magpie, Australian - Cracticus tibicen hypoleuca - Adelaide, SA, Australia
Cracticus tibicen hypoleuca 
Magpie-lark - Granilla cyanoleuca - Point Stuart, NT, Australia
Granilla cyanoleuca 
Malkoha, Sirkeer 
Malkoha, Sirkeer  - Taccocua leschenaultii - India
Taccocua leschenaultii 
Mallard - Anas platyrhynchos - Rutlnd Water, Leics, UK
Anas platyrhynchos 
m (top) 
Mannikin, Bronze 
Mannikin, Bronze - Spermestes cucullatus - The Gambia
Spermestes cucullatus 
Martin, Eurasian Crag 
Martin, Crag - Ptyonoprogne rupestris - Las Alpujarras, Spain
Ptyonoprogne rupestris 
Martin, House 
Martin, House - Delichon urbicum - Northants, UK
Delichon urbicum 
Martin, Sand 
Martin, Sand - Riparia riparia - Summerleys, Northants, UK
Riparia riparia 
Martin, Tree 
Martin, Tree - Petrochelidon nigricans - Maria Island, TAS, Australia
Petrochelidon nigricans 
m (top) 
Merganser, Red-breasted 
Merganser, Red-breasted - Mergus serrator - Cuba
Mergus serrator 
Miner, Bell 
Miner, Bell - Manorina melanophrys - Melbourne Botanic Gardens, VIC, Australia
Manorina melanophrys 
Miner, Noisy 
Miner, Noisy - Manorina melanocephala - Adelaide, SA, Australia
Manorina melanocephala 
Minivet, Long-tailed 
Minivet, Long-tailed - Pericrocotus ethologus - India
Pericrocotus ethologus 
Minivet, Scarlet 
Minivet, Scarlet - Pericrocotus speciosus - India
Pericrocotus speciosus 
m (top) 
Minivet, Small 
Minivet, Small - Pericrocotus cinnamomeus - India
Pericrocotus cinnamomeus 
Mistletoebird - Dicaeum hirundinaceum- East Gippsland, VIC, Australia (Fem)
Dicaeum hirundinaceum 
Mockingbird, Northern 
Mockingbird, Northern - Mimus polyglottos - Cuba
Mimus polyglottos 
Moorhen, Common 
Moorhen - Gallinula chloropus - Summerleys, Northants, UK
Gallinula chloropus 
Moorhen, Dusky 
Moorhen, Dusky - Gallinula tenebrosa - Adelaide, SA, Australia
Gallinula tenebrosa 
m (top) 
Munia, White-throated 
Munia, White-throated - Lonchura malabarica - Dubai, UAE
Lonchura malabarica 
Myna, Bank 
Myna, Bank - Acridotheres ginginianus  - India
Acridotheres ginginianus 
Myna, Common 
Myna, Common - Acridotheres tristis - India
Acridotheres tristis 
Myna, Javan 
Myna, Javan - Acridotheres javanicus - Singapore
Acridotheres javanicus 
m (top) 
Munia, White-throated 
Munia, White-throated - Lonchura malabarica - Dubai, UAE
Lonchura malabarica 
Myna, Bank 
Myna, Bank - Acridotheres ginginianus  - India
Acridotheres ginginianus 
Myna, Common 
Myna, Common - Acridotheres tristis - India
Acridotheres tristis 
Myna, Javan 
Myna, Javan - Acridotheres javanicus - Singapore
Acridotheres javanicus 
N (top) 
Nativehen, Black-tailed 
Nativehen, Black-tailed - Tribonyx ventralis - Adelaide, SA, Australia
Tribonyx ventralis 
Nativehen, Tasmanian 
Nativehen, Tasmanian - Tribonyx mortierii - Maria Island, TAS, Australia
Tribonyx mortierii 
Nightingale - Luscinia megarhynchos - Morocco
Luscinia megarhynchos 
Nightjar, Long-tailed 
Nightjar, Long-tailed - Caprimulgus climacurus  - The Gambia
Caprimulgus climacurus 
Nightjar, Standard-winged 
Nightjar, Standard-winged - Macrodipteryx longipennis - The Gambia
Macrodipteryx longipennis 
n (top) 
Nutcracker - Nucifraga caryocatactes  - Bavaria, Germany
Nucifraga caryocatactes 
Nuthatch, Chestnut-bellied 
Nuthatch, Chestnut-bellied - Sitta cinnamoventris - India
Sitta cinnamoventris 
Nuthatch, Eurasian 
Nuthatch - Sitta europaea - Lake District, UK
Sitta europaea 
Nuthatch, Kruper's 
Nuthatch, Kruper's - Sitta krueperi - Lesvos, Greece
Sitta krueperi 
Nuthatch, Western Rock 
Nuthatch, Western Rock - Sitta neumayer - Turkey 1
Sitta neumayer 
O (top) 
Openbill, Asian 
Openbill, Asian - Anastomus oscitans  - India
Anastomus oscitans 
Oriole, African Golden 
Oriole, African Golden - Oriolus auratus - The Gambia
Oriolus auratus 
Oriole, Black-cowled 
Oriole, Black-cowled - Icterus prosthemelas - Cuba
Icterus prosthemelas 
Oriole, Black-hooded 
Oriole, Black-hooded - Oriolus xanthornus - India
Oriolus xanthornus 
Oriole, Black-naped 
Oriole, Black-naped - Oriolus chinensis - Singapore
Oriolus chinensis 
o (top) 
Oriole, Maroon 
Oriole, Maroon - Oriolus traillii - India
Oriolus traillii 
Oriole, Olive-backed 
Oriole, Olive-backed - Oriolus sagittatus - East Gippsland, VIC, Australia
Oriolus sagittatus 
Oriole, Yellow 
Oriole, Yellow - Oriolus flavocinctus - Litchfield, NT, Australia 1
Oriolus flavocinctus 
Osprey - Pandion haliaetus - The Gambia
Pandion haliaetus 
Ostrich - Struthio camelus - Tanzania
Struthio camelus 
o (top) 
Ouzel, Ring 
Ouzel, Ring - Turdus torquatus - Norfolk, UK
Turdus torquatus 
Ovenbird - Seiurus aurocapillus - Cuba
Seiurus aurocapillus 
Owl, African Scops 
Owl, African Scops - Otus senegalensis - The Gambia
Otus senegalensis 
Owl, Barn 
Owl, Barn - Tyto alba - Eldernell, Cambs, UK - Jan 2020 1
Tyto alba 
Owl, Brown Fish 
Owl, Brown Fish - Bubo zeylonensis - India
Bubo zeylonensis 
o (top) 
Owl, Collared Scops 
Owl, Collared Scops - Otus lettia - India
Otus lettia 
Owl, Common Scops 
Owl, Common Scops - Otus scops - Lesvos, Greece
Otus scops 
Owl, Cuban Pygmy 
Owl, Cuban Pygmy - Glaucidium siju - Cuba
Glaucidium siju 
Owl, Cuban Screech 
Owl, Cuban Screech - Gymnoglaux lawrencii  - Cuba
Gymnoglaux lawrencii 
Owl, Dusky Eagle 
Owl, Dusky Eagle - Bubo coromandus - India
Bubo coromandus 
o (top) 
Owl, Greyish Eagle 
Owl, Greyish Eagle - Bubo cinerascens - The Gambia
Bubo cinerascens 
Owl, Little 
Owl, Little - Athene noctua - Hungary
Athene noctua 
Owl, Long-eared 
Owl, Long-eared - Asio otus - Lesvos, Greece
Asio otus 
Owl, Northern Hawk 
Owl, Northern Hawk - Surnia ulula  - Norway
Surnia ulula 
Owl, Northern White-faced 
Owl, Northern White faced - Ptilopsis leucotis - The Gambia
Ptilopsis leucotis 
o (top) 
Owl, Powerful 
Owl, Powerful - Ninox strenua - East Gippsland, VIC, Australia 1
Ninox strenua 
Owl, Short-eared 
Owl, Short eared - Asio flammeus - Northants, UK
Asio flammeus 
Owlet, Asian Barred 
Owlet, Asian Barred - Glaucidium cuculoides - India
Glaucidium cuculoides 
Owlet, Jungle 
Owlet, Jungle - Glaucidium radiatum - India
Glaucidium radiatum 
Owlet, Pearl-spotted 
Owlet, Pearl-spotted - Glaucidium perlatum - The Gambia
Glaucidium perlatum 
o (top) 
Owlet, Spotted 
Owlet, Spotted - Athene brama - India
Athene brama 
Oxpecker, Yellow-billed 
Oxpecker, Yellow-billed - Buphagus africanus  - The Gambia
Buphagus africanus 
Oystercatcher, Eurasian 
Oystercatcher - Haematopus ostralegus - Rutland Water, Leics, UK
Haematopus ostralegus 
Oystercatcher, Pied 
Oystercatcher, Pied - Haematopus longirostris - Maria Island, TAS, Australia 1
Haematopus longirostris 
Oystercatcher, Sooty 
Oystercatcher, Sooty - Haematopus fuliginosus - Kangaroo Island, SA, Australia
Haematopus fuliginosus 
P (top) 
Painted-snipe, Greater 
Painted-Snipe, Greater - Rostratula benghalensis  - India
Rostratula benghalensis 
Paradise-Flycatcher, African 
Paradise-flycatcher, African - Terpsiphone viridis - Tanzania
Terpsiphone viridis 
Paradise-Flycatcher, Asian 
Paradise-Flycatcher, Asian - Terpsiphone paradisi - India
Terpsiphone paradisi 
Parakeet, Alexandrine 
Parakeet, Alexandrine - Psittacula eupatria - India
Psittacula eupatria 
Parakeet, Cuban 
Parakeet, Cuban - Psittacara euops  - Cuba
Psittacara euops 
p (top) 
Parakeet, Plum-headed 
Parakeet, Plum-headed - Psittacula cyanocephala - India
Psittacula cyanocephala 
Parakeet, Red-breasted 
Parakeet, Red-breasted - Psittacula alexandri - India
Psittacula alexandri 
Parakeet, Rose-ringed 
Parakeet, Rose-ringed - Psittacula krameri  - India
Psittacula krameri 
Pardalote, Spotted 
Pardalote, Spotted - Pardalotus punctatus - Maria Island, TAS, Australia
Pardalotus punctatus 
Pardalote, Striated 
Pardalote, Striated - Pardalotus striatus - Maria Island, TAS, Australia
Pardalotus striatus 
p (top) 
Parrot, Australian King 
Parrot, Australian King - Alisterus scapularis - East Gippsland, VIC, Australia
Alisterus scapularis 
Parrot, Cuban 
Parrot, Cuban - Amazona leucocephala - Cuba
Amazona leucocephala 
Parrot, Red-winged 
Parrot, Red-winged - Aprosmictus erythropterus - Katherine, NT, Australia
Aprosmictus erythropterus 
Parrot, Senegal 
Parrot, Senegal - Poicephalus senegalus - The Gambia
Poicephalus senegalus 
Parrot, Swift 
Parrot, Swift - Lathamus discolor - Maria Island, TAS, Australia
Lathamus discolor 
p (top) 
Partridge, Grey 
Partridge, Grey - Perdix perdix - Loire Valley, France
Perdix perdix 
Partridge, Red-legged 
Partridge, Red-legged - Alectoris rufa - Walgrave, Northants, UK
Alectoris rufa 
Parula, Northern 
Parula, Northern - Parula americana - Cuba
Parula americana 
Peafowl - Pavo cristatus - India
Pavo cristatus 
Peewee, Cuban 
Peewee, Cuban - Contopus caribaeus - Cuba
Contopus caribaeus 
p (top) 
Pelican, American White 
Pelican, American White - Pelecanus erythrorhynchos - Cuba
Pelecanus erythrorhynchos 
Pelican, Australian 
Pelican, Australian - Pelecanus conspicillatus - Kangaroo Island, SA, Australia
Pelecanus conspicillatus 
Pelican, Brown 
Pelican, Brown - Pelecanus occidentalis - Cuba
Pelecanus occidentalis 
Pelican, Dalmatian 
Pelican, Dalmatian - Pelecanus crispus - India
Pelecanus crispus 
Pelican, Great White 
Pelican, Great White - Pelecanus onocrotalus - The Gambia
Pelecanus onocrotalus 
p (top) 
Pelican, Pink-backed 
Pelican, Pink-backed - Pelecanus rufescens - The Gambia
Pelecanus rufescens 
Penguin, Little 
Penguin, Little - Eudyptula minor - Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Eudyptula minor 
Petronia, Chestnut-shouldered 
Petronia, Chestnut-shouldered - Gymnoris xanthocollis- India
Gymnoris xanthocollis 
Phalarope, Grey 
Phalarope, Grey - Phalaropus fulicarius - Hollowell Reservoir, Northants, UK
Phalaropus fulicarius 
Pheasant, Common 
Pheasant - Phasianus colchicus - Pitsford Reservoir, Northants, UK
Phasianus colchicus 
p (top) 
Pheasant, Khalij 
Pheasant, Khalij - Lophura leucomelanos - India
Lophura leucomelanos 
Piapiac - Ptilostomus afer - The Gambia
Ptilostomus afer 
Pigeon, African Green 
Pigeon, African Green - Treron calvus - The Gambia
Treron calvus 
Pigeon, Crested 
Pigeon, Crested - Ocyphaps lophotes - Adelaide, SA, Australia
Ocyphaps lophotes 
Pigeon, Pied Imperial 
Pigeon, Pied Imperial - Ducula bicolor - Singapore
Ducula bicolor 
p (top) 
Pigeon, Speckled 
Pigeon, Speckled - Columba guinea - The Gambia
Columba guinea 
Pigeon, Wood 
Pigeon, Wood - Columba palumbus - Walgrave, Northants, UK
Columba palumbus 
Pigeon, Yellow-footed Green 
Pigeon, Yellow-footed Green - Treron phoenicoptera - India
Treron phoenicoptera 
Pintail, Northern 
Pintail - Anas acuta - Rutland Water, Leics, UK
Anas acuta 
Pipit, Australian 
Pipit, Australian - Anthus novaehollandiae - Maria Island, TAS, Australia
Anthus novaehollandiae 
p (top) 
Pipit, Meadow 
Pipit, Meadow - Anthus pratensis - Norfolk, UK
Anthus pratensis 
Pipit, Paddyfield 
Pipit, Paddyfield - Anthus rufulus - India
Anthus rufulus 
Pipit, Red-throated 
Pipit, Red-throated - Anthus cervinus - Lesvos, Greece
Anthus cervinus 
Pipit, Rock 
Pipit, Rock - Anthus petrosus - Norfolk, UK
Anthus petrosus 
Pipit, Tawny 
Pipit, Tawny - Anthus campestris - Las Alpujarras, Spain
Anthus campestris 
p (top) 
Pipit, Tree 
Pipit, Tree - Anthus trivialis - Burgundy, France
Anthus trivialis 
Plantain-eater, Western Grey 
Plantain-eater, Western Grey - Crinifer piscator - The Gambia
Crinifer piscator 
Plover, Golden 
Plover, Golden- Pluvialis apricaria - Norfolk, UK
Pluvialis apricaria 
Plover, Grey 
Plover, Grey - Pluvialis squatarola - Cuba
Pluvialis squatarola 
Plover, Kentish 
Plover, Kentish - Charadrius lexandrinus - Essouira, Morocco
Charadrius lexandrinus 
p (top) 
Plover, Little Ringed 
Plover, Little Ringed - Charadrius dubius - Morocco
Charadrius dubius 
Plover, Pacific Golden 
Plover, Pacific Golden - Pluvialis fulva - Maria Island, TAS, Australia
Pluvialis fulva 
Plover, Ringed 
Plover, Ringed - Charadrius hiaticula - Essouira, Morocc
Charadrius hiaticula 
Plover, Wilson's 
Plover, Wilson's - Charadrius wilsonia - Cuba
Charadrius wilsonia 
Pochard, Common 
Pochard - Rutland Water, Leics, UK
Athya ferina 
p (top) 
Pochard, Red-crested 
Pochard, Red-crested - Netta rufina - Norfolk, UK
Netta rufina 
Pratincole, Australian 
Pratincole, Australian - Stiltia isabella - Fogg Dam, NT, Australia
Stiltia isabella 
Pratincole, Small 
Pratincole, Small - Glareola lactea  - India
Glareola lactea 
Prinia, Graceful 
Prinia, Graceful - Prinia gracilis - Dubai, UAE
Prinia gracilis 
Prinia, Grey-breasted 
Prinia, Grey-breasted - Prinia hodgsonii - India
Prinia hodgsonii 
p (top) 
Prinia, Jungle 
Prinia, Jungle - Prinia sylvatica - India
Prinia sylvatica 
Prinia, Rufous-fronted 
Prinia, Rufous-fronted - Prinia buchanani - India
Prinia buchanani 
Prinia, Yellow-bellied 
Prinia, Yellow-bellied - Prinia flaviventris - India
Prinia flaviventris 
Puffback, Northern 
Puffback, Northern - Dryoscopus gambensis - The Gambia
Dryoscopus gambensis 
Pygmy-goose, Cotton 
Pygmy-Goose, Cotton - Nettapus coromandelianus - India
Nettapus coromandelianus 
p (top) 
Pygmy-goose, Green 
Pygmy-goose, Green - Nettapus pulchellus - Mistake Billabong, Point Stuart, NT, Australia 1
Nettapus pulchellus 
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